Payroll Services

Complete Payroll Processing in 3 Easy Steps:



We receive your employee timesheets, personnel information, and corresponding compensation rates by way of email.



We accurately calculate all deductions including income taxes, Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), and Employment Insurance (EI).


Payments & Filings

We create electronic fund transfers (EFTs) to directly pay your employees and the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).


Why should you hire a payroll specialist?

Monthly Savings

Are you paying your payroll company a minimum monthly charge? We provide the same service but we only charge you for the time it takes for us to process your payroll.

Employee Benefits

Do you know what employee benefits need to be added to T4 or T4A slips? We can provide you with a checklist of all the benefits to ensure that you are reporting your employee income correctly.

Reduce WCB Rates

Wondering why you are paying so much in Workers Compensation Board (WCB) fees? We will prepare and file all your WCB filings and guide you on how to reduce your premiums.