Corporate Tax Services

Corporate Tax Services in 3 Easy Steps:



We obtain your information using the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) online services and if required, we will request additional information from you to be sent via email.



We enter all relevant information into our tax software. We review our tax checklist with you to ensure you will receive all the Canadian tax savings applicable for your business.


Analysis & Filing

We analyze your return, ask additional questions, and then e-file your return with the CRA to enable prompt processing and fast direct deposit of your tax return (if applicable).

Why should you hire a tax professional?


Maximize Deductions

We are a small company that knows our clients and their businesses.  This helps us ask the right questions to ensure you are getting the appropriate benefits and deductions for your company, thereby reducing your annual tax bill.


Accuracy/Audit Protection

With our thorough knowledge of the Canadian tax system, we are able to provide you with accurate guidelines to enable you to track and record all necessary information for your business, so in the unlikely event of an audit, your records will be compliant. For example, did you know that on all meals and entertainment receipts you need to write whom you had dinner with, and why you had the meeting?


Peace of Mind

Preparing taxes for your business can be a confusing, difficult, and time consuming process. We take the stress away by sending you reminders for when your corporate tax filings are due, and once we have received your information, we prepare them well in advance of the deadlines to avoid interest fees and late penalties.